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March 2015



I Must Say by Martin Short

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I love the movies Pure Luck and Innerspace. They are ridiculous, and probably do not hold up, but I love them. I also hold a special place in my heart for The Three Amigos. The one thing they have in common? Martin Short.

This is a very sweet book, which makes sense, because Mr. Short is, by all reports, a very sweet guy. He seems kind, generous, and funny in a dorky way that works for some people but not everyone. And if written by anyone else, I think this book would rub me the wrong way. It’s basically a few chapters about his early life, followed by a whole lot of name dropping. But the thing is, he’s not actually dropping names. These are just his friends, and they of course feature prominently in his memoir.

Mr. Short faced some rough stuff in his life. He lost his older brother when he was in his early teens; by the time he was 20 he was an orphan. His wife died in 2010, after 30 years of marriage. He’s experienced a lot of loss, but he’s also experienced a lot of joy. He’s had an extraordinarily successful career without necessarily being everywhere all the time. I don’t know if most people think of him as a big name of comedy, but I think comedians think of him as a big name in comedy, and they would know. I also have some issues with some of his choices – especially using a fat suit as Jiminy Glick – but I do genuinely believe it does not ever come from a place of hate.

One thing I really took away from this book is the Nine Categories. It sounds like a cult, but it’s kind of amazing, and I think I’m actually going to try it. Basically, as he faced some challenging times in his career, he wanted to keep things in perspective, and make sure he was devoting time to the things in his life that matter. So, to quote him:

“I decided to systematically compare my performance in that one specific category of my life – work – with my performance in the other important life categories, and to give them all equal importance.” (emphasis mine).

Man, that is a refreshing outlook. It doesn’t put work at the center of everything. In case you’re interested, the categories are:
– Self
– Immediate Family
– Original Family
– Friends
– Money
– Career
– Creativity
– Discipline
– Lifestyle (this is meant to include both having fun and making a difference in the world)

I love it.

I read the book, but I believe he read the audio version, and I’m betting that would be fantastic.



March 2015



What I’m Reading – March 1, 2015

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That Dress

– “Conformity is now hand-picked. You can find the people who support your version of reality, and use them to battle the people who don’t. You don’t have to wonder whether you are right or wrong; you just have to find the people or the evidence that agrees with you.” Why The Dress Matters (h/t @ChiefElk)


-“Why do people think they’re entitled to decide how food stamps, in particular, are used? Not all government benefits elicit such feelings. When we give people assistance through the home-mortgage interest deduction, we don’t feel entitled to tell them what house to buy or what neighborhood to live in; when we subsidize a college education through student loans, we don’t tell students what school to go to or what to major in.” Why Do Americans Feel Entitled to Tell Poor People What to Eat? (h/t @deray)

Sex Work and Feminism

– “Both the abolitionist movement and the anti-choice movement cast women as victims, often unwitting victims who think they’ve independently chosen to do sex work or have an abortion, but are actually seriously deluded or naïve—they don’t realize they’re under the coercive sway of patriarchy, capitalism, men, or the “culture of death.” Or maybe they’re just too poverty-stricken or drug-addicted to do anything but be a passive victim because they have “no choice.”” Cozy Bedfellows: Prostitution Abolitionists and Anti-Abortionists (h/t @pastachips)

White Feminism

– “And before you say “But, Blue, she said women not just white women,” let me be blunt: If you say black people need to stand up for you – that means you are asking every person in the room who is both black and a woman to choose her gender over her race in order to suit your agenda. It’s a very subtle form of feminist segregation that I’ve heard about for a few years now. And it’s complete b.s.” Dear Patricia Arquette: Blacks and gays owe white women nothing (h/t @allisonkilkenny)

– “I’m not here for kumbaya feminism. Kumbaya feminism demands that Black women take a backseat to whatever interest of the day white women deem most important. Kumbaya feminism castigates as “divisive” any Black woman who dares speak out against the White Feminist Industrial Complex. Kumbaya feminism is little more than trickle-down feminism.” The Road to Structural Erasure Is Paved With Well-Intentioned White Ladies (via @AngryBlackLady)

Worker Rights

– “Right-to-work legislation, which is aimed at gutting union membership by ending requirements that workers have to pay dues in workplaces that are organized, likely wouldn’t affect the NFLPA directly. But the statement noted that many stadium workers at Lambeau Field, the home of the Green Bay Packers that was renovated in 2003 with an all-union workforce, will feel the effect of the law.” Why The NFL Players Association Is Taking On Scott Walker (via @ThinkProgress)


– “Google is, of course, ignoring all of his 23 requests via the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) to remove stories linking him to reports on how horrible a person he is and how sleazy his website was—before the FTC shut him down.” Revenge Porn Dude Wants His Personal Info Removed From Internet Lolol (h/t @AngryBlackLady)

Student Loans

– ““Corinthian took advantage of our dreams and targeted us to make a profit,” the so-called Corinthian 15 wrote in a letter to the Education Department. “You let it happen, and now you cash in. We paid dearly for degrees that have led to unemployment or to jobs that don’t pay a living wage. We can’t and won’t pay any longer.”” A dangerous revolt: People are refusing to pay back student loans (h/t @rustyheadedgirl)