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November 2007




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I am thrilled to be helping out with a friend’s engagement/bridal shower/party thing. It’s very low-key, and very small. Invites went out about a month ago, and last weekend I purchased all of the little favors / gifts for the guests.

At that time, one of the invited guests asked if another person would be attending. I immediately confirmed that no, they would not.  There was some concern since they recently had a bit of a falling out. The same invited guest was unsure whether she would be able to attend, so I wrote back to her again yesterday.  Her response?

“Hi Ashley,

I had e-mailed you asking if <not invited guest> was invited. If not, can you invite her? I would like her to come as well.


(invited guest)

Who does that? This is not an Evite gathering at a bar – it’s a very small sit-down meal. In what universe is it okay to ask that another person be invited to someone else’s bridal shower? And not five days out? Now, if the guest of honor had realized she left someone out, that’s one thing. But this isn’t the case. I was so put-off by this. It’s just so ill-mannered.

Of course, now the guest of honor feels compelled to say “sure” and have me invite her, since otherwise it becomes a big deal. I’ll of course do what she wants, because it’s her party, but what type of friend would put their friend in such an awkward situation? It’s just so rude!



November 2007



It’s been so long!

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I’ve had a great month. I took a very quick trip to visit a friend, and had a relaxing time. I’m enjoying the fall in NYC – I love the colors! I spent an hour or so wandering the City today, mostly in Central Park, and it was just lovely. The sun set, and it was that time of night before dark, where everything just kind of glows. The leaves are amazing right now. It’s chilly, but I have such a warm coat that I wasn’t even noticing it.

Thanksgiving is coming up! Another orphan’s holiday over at Herman’s. Last year was so much fun – lots of mulled wine and yummy dishes. The first Thanksgiving I spent away from my folks was really hard, because (and this may seem silly) the food was all different! I’m sure that was just how I was channeling missing my family, but at the time it was all about the lack of Stove Top Stuffing (what, we are a simple people). Since I was probably 12 or 13 Thanksgiving was just me, my folks and my sister, and it was the same every year. Small, but with things we all love. But now I’ve gotten to the point where I think its fun to bring something I’m used to, and then sharing what other people bring. It really is a communal experience. And without the family drama! That was never actually issue with us (at least once it was just the four of us), but I know a lot of people stress about this because of all the other issues related to it. My folks will go spend it with their good friends, my sister will have I think a similar orphan’s day (or go to Houston to visit her friend).  

We’re also hoping to have a scaled-down Christmas. While I love getting gifts (it’s fun!), there is very little I actually need. I think we’re each agreeing one gift per person. Plus stockings (I think). We can just have fun and enjoy the tree, and each other, and maybe convince my dad to play a few games.

I love this time of year!!!