ASK Musings

No matter where you go, there you are.


If you found your way here, you probably know me, but if you don’t – let me know what brought you here. And either way, welcome. I try to update this at least every couple of weeks – more if I come across an issue that really gets me going. Most posts are about feminism, politics, book reviews or travel.

As for me, I’m a woman with a fair bit of formal education who is interested in speaking out when I see injustice or people looking at the surface of an issue without really thinking through the broader implications. My goal with this site is to use a little wit and a lot of reason to break down current events and policy issues.

I also cross-post my Cannonball Read reviews here, so depending on whether I’m in a reading or a writing mood, you might get more literature than politics.

I also love to travel, so when I take a particularly fun trip I’ll also write about that experience here.