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No matter where you go, there you are.

Seattle to London

Unless you are independently wealthy, you can’t just up and move to the UK.

Borders are weird, and the systems used to figure out who can migrate to different countries are xenophobic, classist, and ableist. Until that changes, there are a lot of hoops you’ll need to jump through to be able to move to the UK.

(I know. It sucks. Sorry.)

If you’re contemplating a move to the UK, there are a lot of sites you can visit to get helpful information, but I never found one that had everything I needed in once place.

Since I like to write, I was unemployed for the first few months we lived in London, and I’m someone who has moved to London twice — once as a student, and once as the partner of someone with a job offer — I decided to put this section of my website together to help others who might find themselves in my position.

I doubt that it has everything you need all in one place, but hopefully you’ll find it helpful.

The site is organized around three fairly discrete times: before you go, upon arrival, and settling in, plus some suggestions to make sure you remember to enjoy your life in your new city.

In Before You Go, we’ll talk about negotiating a relocation package, the visa process, and all the little things you need to do to wrap up (or at least put on hold) your life in the US and set yourself for an easier transition to life in the UK.

In Upon Arrival, we’ll look at those first few days in the UK. This is the shortest section, but I felt it was necessary because it’s likely to be when things seem the most up in the air and you’re probably the most emotional you’ll be, given you’ve just left your home and probably haven’t slept enough. This also has a section called Where do I find… which is meant to help you figure out where to get toothpaste and dog food.

In Settling In, you’ll find information about the bigger things in life, like finding a place to live and getting a bank account.

Finally, in Taking Care, I’ll offer some tips for how to do all of this with minimal tears. Am I being dramatic? Eh. Maybe not. Moving is stressful. Moving across the world is more stressful. Starting a new job is stressful. Starting a new job in a country you’ve never worked in is more stressful.

Each of those is a category, so just clicking on the topic brings up all the relevant posts. That might work for you, but for those looking for something a bit more linear (or if you’re looking for a specific topic), go to the top of the page, hover the mouse over each topic area, and click on the subject that interests you.

I love the UK, and I’m so glad we moved here. That said, it was a bit of a challenge, so I want to make it easier for you.

You ready?

Deep breath.

Let’s go.