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December 2019



Negotiating Your Move

Written by , Posted in Move to UK: Before You Go

If you are being transferred by your company, they will likely cover your costs and help with all of the details by using a relocation company.

If, however, you are moving to take a job with a new company, you should work with them to determine what a fair relocation package would look like and what the company might be able to offer.

While you should keep in mind the size of your new company (and thus their likely available budget), there are a few things that should be included, and a few ‘nice to haves.’

If possible, during the time you’re given to consider an offer, do some research to determine the actual costs. We were shocked at how expensive it was to bring our cats with us, for example, and had we known that cost ahead of time, we would have brought that up with the new company.

Must Include:

  • Immigration Attorney
  • Visa Costs (for the employee, their partner, and any children)
  • Animal relocation costs
  • Flight
  • Shipping of a few boxes of personal items
  • Temporary housing (for at least three weeks, but preferably a month)

Nice to Have:

  • Relocation company to manage all of the details so you don’t have to
  • Shipping of more personal items / furniture (if you’re moving to a place where unfurnished housing is the norm, or if you’re planning on buying a house)

Obviously you’ll have to decide what are actual deal-breakers for you, but don’t assume that you’re asking for the moon here. As you’ll see as you make your way around the different parts of this site, there is a lot involved in managing an international move, and the more you can get assistance with, the better.

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