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December 2019



Pet Care

Written by , Posted in Move to UK: Settling In

If you’ve got furry friends, you’ll want to find a vet for them pretty quickly because, again, who knows what will come up. One of our buddies came down with a cold just a few days after we arrived, so I found a nice vet online that let us come on down the same day. That vet was near our temporary housing, but once we moved to our permanent flat, we needed something closer.

There’s nothing magical with veterinarians here; I found mine by Googling and by taking into account which ones were easily accessible by bus. Some were closer but I’d have to walk, and I don’t know about you, but I don’t enjoy carrying 25 pounds of cats for long distances.

If you had pet insurance in the US, consider keeping it, because as long as you have a US address you can keep it and submit claims. They’ll just convert to US dollars and reimburse that way.

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