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December 2019



Jet Lag

Written by , Posted in Move to UK: Upon Arrival

Everyone has their own suggestions, tips, and tricks to combat jet lag. I’ve not found one that works super well for me. I used to try to stay up all day the day I arrive, but I just end up tired and still waking up way too early the next day. So I do suggest taking just an hour nap so you can get through the day.

I know, that’s controversial. But I can’t function without sleep, and I don’t sleep well on planes, so I chose to take a nap, and it allowed me to at least sort of function the first few days.

But it will be rough, so take care that you and your partner aren’t snipping at each other — or are more understanding if you are. Moving is rough; throwing sleep deprivation on top is rougher.

That said, here are some tips on how you might be able to beat jet leg better than I did:

NHS tips

15 Ideas

Sleep Foundation

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