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December 2019



What Happens Next

Written by , Posted in Move to UK: Before You Go, Visas

Okay, so you’ve attended your biometrics appointment. You’re almost there!

Next you have to send all of the documentation in. Follow the directions of your immigration attorney exactly, and double check everything. If your application is rejected, you (or your new employer) doesn’t get that application fee back, so yeah, follow the rules. For example, you will need a passport photo, and the rules stipulate that you need to have your hair down, your glasses off, and not smile.

We decided that it was worth it to send all the documentation to the immigration attorney overnight. We shipped using UPS, and of course it didn’t actually get delivered the next day. And because it was near a holiday, it ended up arriving a full four days after we sent it. Considering it needs to be submitted within ten days of your biometric appointment, this could have been an issue. It wasn’t (it got there in plenty of time), but on the plus, side, UPS had to refund our money since they didn’t deliver as promised.

If all goes well, then within a week or so you should hear from your attorney that your visas have been approved! A couple of days later, you should receive a package with:

  • Your passport
  • Entry visas pasted into your passport
  • Letter to present at customs

Now you can book a flight!

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