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December 2019



Friends and Family

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Moving across an ocean is a big deal, and many things can be managed with careful planning, lists, and timelines. It’s going to be a stressful time (do I sound like a broken record yet? Good!), and it’s easy to let the move become all-encompassing, but it’s important to take the time to see your friends and family before you go.

In our case, our move came just nine days into the new year, so we took a week-long road trip to visit our families around the winter holidays. It meant seeing five sets of family members and sleeping in four different homes, taking two flights and driving about 700 miles at a time when we had so much to do.


But it was worth it. We got to see family members, have some down time when we weren’t focused on bank accounts and shipping options and runs to Goodwill. We relaxed, we ate, and we caught up. It was wonderful.

We also did a couple of good-bye events: one to drink our alcohol about a month before we left, and one the Sunday before our flight that was more of an open house at a brewery that allowed kids. We got to chat with folks and say goodbye.

Finally, we set up dinners or other events with some of our closest friends so that we could have some dedicated time with them. We wanted to see them and hang out without loads of other people around. One couple even offered to let us stay with them the last few days we were in town so our renter could move in, which ended up being a life saver!

We also did a tour of our favorite restaurants and shops that we knew we’d miss. That became especially necessary after we had packed or given away all of our kitchen items.

Like I said, it can seem like all that matters is figuring out the move, and there are definitely certain steps that you must take, and certain rules you need to follow, but remember that you’re a person with relationships that you’ll want to foster even when you’re 5,000 miles away. Don’t miss out on the time you still have with these friends and family members.

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