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September 2007



I don’t have the patience for this

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Film With Same-Sex Parents Splits School District

There is a documentary about many different types of families – step-families and interracial families – designed to educate young children. Evesham Township, New Jersey has stopped showing it, because one of the families shown is a gay couple who adopted children.

I am completely closed minded on at least one thing. If I date someone who doesn’t think that gay people deserve the same rights as straight people, or think being gay is “evil” or a “sin”, the date is over. I can tolerate differing viewpoints on welfare, belief in god, taxation, stem cell research. But not gay rights. I’m an extremist when it comes to treating people equally.  

So this article really bothered me. Not because I don’t think that parents have a right to control what their children are exposed to (people will continue to teach their children racism, bigotry and misogyny outside of school), but because this decision means that they are controlling what OTHER PEOPLE’S CHILDREN are exposed to. Instead of allowing parents to opt out of letting their kids watch the video, the district banned the showing of the video.  

One quote really pissed me off: “Something that controversial should have been discussed,” Ms. Stepnowski said. The children “shouldn’t learn questionable things in school that they’re not ready for and don’t understand.

“That controversial”?! “Questionable”?! Really? How is this STILL controversial? I’ve yet to see an anti-gay argument that isn’t based in religion, so if it’s controversial because of someone’s religious beliefs . . . too bad. Your religion shouldn’t govern how another person’s child is taught.


I did, however, enjoy the quote that ends the article:

“People who don’t want the school to show the video say, ‘We can teach our own kids.’ Sure you can. But who’s going to teach you?”

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

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