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July 2009



One month to go

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I fly to Caifornia in a month. So much left to do. Like get a ticket to London.

 I have chosen to spend my time not packing, or sorting, or selling.

No, I’m going to movies.

 There are some blockbusters I have no desire to see (Transformers, I’m looking at you), and some I’m excited for (Funny People may have Adam Sandler, but I’m still looking forward to it). Yesterday I fit in two biggies – Public Enemies and Harry Potter. Johnny Depp and Marion Cotilliard are brilliant. Christian Bale was ok. But I enjoyed it. And Harry Potter was as expected – entertaining and fun

 Today I’m really excited to see 500 Days of Summer. Zooey Deschanel can do no wrong in my eyes. And Joseph Gordan-Levitt has that something working for him.

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