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March 2018



21 03 2018 The Notting Hill Bookshop

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Ah, Notting Hill. Most people in the US think of the film when they hear those words. And of course, the bookshop where Hugh Grant worked and met Julia Roberts.

I decide to visit the Notting Hill Bookshop today because I’m already in the area, meeting an acquaintance for drinks. The neighborhood is stunning — the homes are borderline ridiculous but I adore the architecture. This shop is just off Portobello Road, where the famous Portobello Market is held.

It’s small and easy to manage while still having a fun collection of books. They have a shelf of Jane Austen novels in various editions

…as well as some GORGEOUS collections that would look great on a shelf. They also have some interesting gift books (there’s a collection of Donald Tr*mp “poetry”) and many Alice in Wonderland / Peter Pan / Paddington books that seem better suited for an adult than a child. They’re just so pretty.

As I’m not in the area often (and it’s a bit of a pain to get to — either 60 minutes on the bus or two or three trains) I probably won’t make a habit of visiting, but if I’m at the market I’m definitely going to return to pick up something else (perhaps Emma?)

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