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31 03 2018 Heffers

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In the UK, the Easter holiday is a four-day weekend. This is not a thing in the US, so we decide to visit Cambridge on our first official outing outside of London. It’s a dreary day (and also happens to be the day and location of Stephen Hawking’s funeral), but we take a morning train in, grab some brunch at a local restaurant, and then wander into the city center.

Of course, I’ve done some research, so I know that we want to head to Heffers, which is part of the Blackwell’s chain of bookshops.

They are in the midst of relocating some sections, so the shop is a little challenging to navigate. Still we both manage to come away with some books that strike our fancy. I’m excited for Dear Madame President, which should be both a quick and hopeful read.

They have a nice section of classics reset in various fancy covers (see my Persuasion pick, above). They also have a large board game section, and a nice chunk of Harry Potter memorabilia.

I’ll definitely pop back in the next time we’re in Cambridge; hopefully the relocation will be complete and it’ll be a bit easier to navigate.

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