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January 2009



48 Hours in Seattle

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I’m quite happy traveling these days. I think I’ve spent at least a full day in the airport since Christmas. This one trip was a quick one, but a good one. I headed out to Seattle to help throw a shower for Jamie, who is expecting a baby girl in February. It was a bit unlike a traditional shower – guys and ladies were there, there was no ‘smell the faux poopey diaper’ game, and we served liquor and chinese food instead of tea.

By Sunday I was a little tired, but got a minute to see some of my friends – brunch with one group, and an afternoon with Reagan, who I hadn’t seen since her wedding in October. 

Whenever I go to Seattle it’s always a little hard to leave. Driving down to Alki on a sunny Sunday, with a view of the Sound and good music on the radio, I can’t help but think about what a great place it was to live. NYC is great, too. I’m lucky to be torn in such a way.

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