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November 2008



A Busy End to the Fall

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That’s me as Sarah Palin on Halloween. I figured out how to do my hair like her’s (when she does the half-up thing with just bobby pins). I hope she loses for many reasons, but one is so that I can start doing my hair like that. Seriously, it’s so easy!

Monday night the Trouble Clef kids (name still pending) got together for an abbreviated jam session. It was really fun. We think we’ve got a set list, and now just need to really work on the songs.

Tuesday night I had an Alumni association meeting. Heh. Oh, so, so much better than when this guy who took himself WAY TOO SERIOUSLY was in charge. It’s almost – almost – fun.

Wednesday Herman and I saw “Saw V.” Still gory, but not as creepy as the past ones, I’d say. We’ll see how Saw VI is (they’re casting for it now, I believe in a reality show).

Thursday I attended a really interesting talk about ETA and the Basque country, and how they compare to the IRA and Northern Ireland. I’m not so familiar with that area of the world, but I loves me some northern Irish, so I plan to read the book eventually. I like these academic talks.

Finally, Halloween. I thoroughly enjoyed talking in Palin’s accent all night. There were two other Palins at the party, and all were a little different. Perfect.

But the best part? Ben is back from Africa! It was really great to see him. A surprise for his wife, for sure – he’s back almost a month early.

Happy November!

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