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April 2016



Adulting by Kelly Williams Brown

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Four Stars


I’ve technically been an adult for half my life now. Exactly half my life, actually. In fact, if I’d had a kid at the time when I technically became an adult, that kid would now be an adult.


Anyway, despite the fact that I’ve been more or less succeeding at being an adult for all those years doesn’t mean I can’t benefit from really sound advice from Ms. Williams Brown. A journalist by trade, Ms. Williams Brown has written a clever and fun to read book that offers tips that are relevant both for those about to leave home for the first time and those who have been living out in the world for a decade or more.

The sections on family and cooking were the most helpful for me; the section on jobs and getting a place to live would probably be really useful for new folks.

The only real area I disagree with her on is in the job section, where she says that if you don’t have a job and are offered one, to take it, and that your needs in the interview process are not as important as the hiring organization’s needs. Look, I get that people have bills to pay, and I’m not talking about declining jobs outside of one’s field. But when looking for jobs in your field, and you aren’t about to be evicted, I actually think it is really important to both make sure that the job is a decent fit, and yes, your needs in an interview DO matter. And I don’t think enough young people are told that. They’re told they’re asking for too much, and should just take whatever job they can find. I’m not cool with that.

Setting aside that really minor complaint (seriously, maybe two lines in the whole book gave be serious pause), I’m recommending this one. Strongly.

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