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May 2009



Ah, navigating financial waters yet again…

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Oh Sallie Mae. I send you money every month, as you were so kind to lend it to me for NYU. And now I’m dipping back in that well, only this time you’re not making it that easy. Is it because I’m leaving the country for my education? Are you mad that I’m going to be in the UK and not the US of A?

Or am I a total idiot? If I ask too many questions about the loan process, will LSE rescind my admissions offer? If it says “you can apply online or by mail” as well as “mail us the documents,” is it odd to want to double check that if I apply online I still need to mail them the documents?

I really don’t want to completely screw it up, Sallie. Because Sallie, honey, you’re what’s standing between me and my MSc. And I want us to stay on good terms.

(Really good terms. Like 2.75% terms. Please?)

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