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June 2010



Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

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The international kind, of course.

I love football. In fact, here’s my sports rankings:

Ice Hockey
College Football
American Football

College Basketball



The top four on that list are really all right next to each other. If my alma mater is playing, I’ll care about college basketball. Baseball and professional basketball? It’s hard for me to care less. Totally different sports and yet equally boring. To me. I realize that is not a common statement, especially since so many think football is boring because it is so low-scoring.

Anyway, the World Cup is like a little bit of heaven for me. And being only one time zone behind the matches, and in a country that a) is in the World Cup and b) loves football, I can fully enjoy it. Plus, I’m unemployed! As a student, especially after my last exam on Monday, I can devote a lot of time to watching the matches.

Today I watched the opening ceremonies with some friends (including two South Africans!), then watched RSA v Mexico in the school library with headphones while studying. Tomorrow I’ll watch the US v England match at Kate and Richard’s place, where I promise to behave. We were discussing watching it in a pub, but the costs really outweighed the benefits. At Kate and Richard’s, we are guaranteed a seat, access to the toilet with no waiting, and the food we want to eat. Can’t lose.

Now I’ve got the Uruguay v France match on. I’m rooting for Uruguay.

Who are my picks? I’d love the US to win it all. I’m also rooting for England and the Netherlands. I am actively cheering for whomever is playing against France at any time because that should be Ireland. F-ing Henry.

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