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August 2009



Danville Hotel

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My hometown has a few cool things associated with it. Model Christie Turlington went to one of the local high schools. The pilot that successfully landed Flight 1549 on the Hudson River this January – Capt. Chesley Sullenberger – lives here. There’s an awesome Woody Guthrie song that’s about the town –  We’ve got the Iron Horse trail, the Old Oak Tree (the town symbol), and a main street that in parts resembles a Hollywood back lot version of the Old West.

One of the best buildings is the Danville Hotel. It’s existed since 1874, and has been in its current location since 1927. Every Mothers Day my family would have brunch at the fancy restaurant in the Hotel, complete with the most amazing sopaipillas.

Probably a decade or more ago the fancy restaurant closed down and was replaced with a Mexican restaurant. That, too, has been shuttered, and now the building is falling apart. It made me so sad to see. I went back to take some pictures before it completely falls apart.

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