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September 2008



Did R.E.M. Have It Right?

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The world is ending, I think. I’m watching Grey’s Anatomy (which, side note – nice season premiere!) and I see a teaser for the news, which I now can’t watch because I think it’s already over (the power of the DVR). Anyway, the teaser says WaMu was seized by the Feds.


Ack! We have presidential candidates ‘suspending’ campaigns and threatening not to debate. We have crazy $700 billion bailouts that started out as a blank check for an unelected official to ‘fix’ things. What does that even mean? What is it fixing? The companies? Is it a ‘trickle down’ solution, where as long as the private sector is protected from its failings, the rest of us will be okay? I don’t understand economics in any meaningful way, and I don’t understand what this really means. I know I have a job, and I know I can afford my rent. I know I have some savings. I know my parents are okay right now. 


I guess in general I’ve been avoiding reading or learning about a lot of this. I’m thinking that I should probably spend some time this weekend getting caught up.


PS – I heart Jon Stewart. “Clusterfu–k to the Poor House” made me guffaw.

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