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July 2016



End of Watch by Stephen King

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Three Stars


As I’ve mentioned before, I didn’t read Stephen King’s work until this year, and I lucked out in starting with Mr. Mercedes, which was book one in this trilogy. End of Watch is the final book, and explores more supernatural themes than the previous two.

If you’ve read the first two: so Retired Detective Hodges is not feeling good, and we find out that has pancreatic cancer. Not a great diagnosis. He and his partner Holly are still running their private investigation business, and Jerome is at Harvard, but taking the semester off to build homes. Meanwhile, mass murderer (and attempted GIANT mass murderer) Brady is still in the forensic brain injury unit at the local hospital. But as hinted at in the last book, he isn’t in a persistent vegetative state after all – and his injury might have given him some special powers, a la Carrie.

I appreciate Mr. King’s writing, and I’m glad I finished the series. It was an interesting book, and I found myself wanting to keep reading to find out what would happen next. But even though it was handled very well, I’m still not super excited about this type of book. I don’t mind magic or supernatural, but I like it when that’s the world people live in – like Harry Potter. I’m not a big fan of mixing it into books that are ostensibly based in the real world. So while I loved Misery, maybe I’m not going to enjoy It that much.

Anyway, if you’ve read the first two books, I think it’s definitely worth finishing out the series. Not a bad book, just not my favorite.

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