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April 2016



Finders Keepers by Stephen King

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Five Stars

I started this yesterday. Read it at the gym. Couldn’t read much more because my in-laws were in town. Read it this morning at the gym, walking to and from an appointment, and then just finished it while eating dinner.


This is the second in a series that I happened to start reading about a week ago, not knowing that there would be three total books about these characters. But what’s so fascinating about this one is that the main folks from the first book in the series don’t appear until about 150 pages into this 430-page book. And I didn’t miss them. Didn’t care, because the story Mr. King was telling is masterful.

Basic premise: someone steals something of value, but ends up in prison for another crime and doesn’t get to enjoy that something. 30 years later, a teenager finds that something. It goes from there, taking turns I don’t expect.

I had a bit of a disagreement with my mother-in-law while she was here, because I hadn’t yet really seen how Mr. King’s books were horror as opposed to thriller. Sure, the entire set-up for this trilogy involves someone running a bunch of people down, but I didn’t feel like that was entirely graphically depicted. But who boy do I owe my mother-in-law an apology because holy shit does some truly gruesome stuff go down in this book. So, you know, if you think you have an aversion to the description of someone being run over being likened to the smashing of a gourd, I’m guessing this book isn’t for you.

It was totally for me, though.

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