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January 2020



F**k No by Sarah Knight

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Four Stars

Best for:
Fans of Knight’s previous work (like me); people who need some tips for how to set boundaries with others and themselves (also like me).

In a nutshell:
Knight offers suggestions and tips for how to say no in pretty much any given situation.

Worth quoting:
“Most people do not care nearly as much about how you live your life as you think they do.”
“It’s okay to protect our mental, emotional, and physical health by saying no to our bosses if we feel we need to and that it’s realistic to do so.”

Why I chose it:
I’ve read her other three books (though not the two related journals) in the No Fucks Given series and mostly enjoyed them.

My first book reviewed in 2019 was Knight’s ‘Calm the Fuck Down,’ and it genuinely helped me. I mean, I’m still full of anxiety, but I can manage it better. So when I heard this book was coming out at the end of 2019 I thought, why not make it my first review for 2020?

I tend to have trouble saying no to family requests (which luckily are quite few and far between, though that’s probably why I’m more disinclined to pass on things I don’t want to do) and, lately, with requests from my football coach. I have trouble balancing being there for the family (or team) and what I believe will be best for me. Where is the line between self-care and selfishness? Fuck if I know.

But that’s not so much what this book is about. It’s about primarily HOW to say no once one has decided that they cannot / should not / do not want to do something. And there are some great tips and amusing anecdotes. I enjoy Knight’s writing style, and found the book to be a pretty quick read despite being nearly 300 pages long.

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