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July 2010



Fourth of July in England

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Yes, they have 4th of July here. Of course, to them it’s simply the day between the 3rd and 5th of July.

Friday Kate, Richard and I headed up to Birmingham for a fun summer weekend. Friday was fairly lazy, with the exception of preparations for the next day’s garden party. This included a very taxing five minutes making brownies from a box.

Saturday morning Richard and I went over to the start area for the half-marathon. It is run all along the canals from Wolverhampton to Birmingham, so the start was staggered, with groups starting according to expected finish time, and crossing the start mats one at a time. It was interesting to run that way – only the occasional person passing me, otherwise nothing but canal stretching out ahead and behind. The sun was intense, and it was hotter than I would have liked, but I finished and enjoyed myself.

After freshening up we were joined back at the house by some of Janet’s friends for a 4th of July garden party. It was nice to still get hot dogs and potato salad even though I am 7,000 miles from home, but I do I think I’ll be including Pimm’s in all my future 4th of July celebrations. It’s so refreshing and so tasty. Janet was kind and surprised Kate and me (the only ones from the states there) with a lovely cake that had a flag on top of it. 
Yesterday we enjoyed picking up the kracken (Holly monster) from puppy camp and went for a nice walk that gave us some excellent views of the area. There was also a carnival on the high street (USA-themed!), and I managed to scare myself silly by going on a terrifying carnival ride. It was fantastic.
The weather here has continued to be nice – warm but not hot, cloudy but with some sun. I feel for my friends back on the east coast – I can’t bear to think of being in that ridiculous heat all week.

Tomorrow Michelle arrives, so it’s time to explore some more of this fantastic city before I head home to Seattle next month.

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