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April 2008



Friday night’s alright for watching movies – Wristcutters: A Love Story

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It’s a movie with the cute kid from ‘Saved’ (Patrick Fugit), Shannyn Sossamon, Tom Waits, a Bussey kid and Will Arnett.


What, you need more?

Zia (Patrick) cleans his room, and then kills himself. Which sends him to a purgatory where everything looks like the drive south on interstate 5 near the grapevine. He has to get a job (Kamikaze Pizza – heh), lives with a roommate played by someone who was once on ER, and goes to a pool hall nightly, where he meets his Russian friend, whose whole family is actually there after individual suicides.

Zia finds out his ex girlfriend killed herself, so he sets out with his Russian friend to find her. Along the way they pick up Mikal (Shannyn) and road trip ‘east’. That takes you to about 20 minutes in – the rest I’ll let reveal itself.

It’s an interesting premise – what if killing yourself really just made everything worse? Only not even bad, just sort of depressing and bleak and tiring? No one can smile, and there aren’t stars. But there’s still TV, and people still have sex. It’s like the way some people think life is, only because they’re making it that way for themselves.

I’m going to recommend this one, because it does touch on some pretty interesting themes, it’s well written, and the ending, while possibly predictable, rings true to me.

Oh, and yeah, Tom Waits is in it.  Which is reason enough for me to see anything.

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