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March 2012



From the ‘Not Cool’ files

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This morning we went down to our car to head out to Greenlake for a run. I got in and noticed the glove box was open. You can probably see where this is going…

One of us left the passenger door unlocked. We think we know who, but really we both do it on occasion. Our parking garage is secured, in that you need a remote to get in.

So, what did they get?

– A partially used travel-size deodorant
– 20 ponytail holders
– About eight starburst candies
– The connector that allows me to listen to my iPod through the stereo. They didn’t take the remote to the garage, which makes me think they live here and were drunk. Dried vomit not far from the car seems to support this theory.

It’s annoying, but mildly entertaining considering how lame their haul was. But still. Not cool, folks. Not cool.

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