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September 2006



Galway City

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The weather is quite nice – I’m in a 3/4 sleeve shirt and jeans today – sunny, and no rain coat necessary! Some went to the national park, but I’m already thinking about coming back to go to the Aran Islands, so I’ll just loop that in then. I wanted to stay and see a city in depth. I’m wandering around with a nice girl from Australia who’s also traveling on her own. I love it here. It’s so nice, and the people are great.  

We had a nice dinner at the hotel, then went to a great tavern called O’Conner’s. It was amazing. The place was very dark, and there were thousands of antiques – lamps and lanterns and pictures and knick-knacks all strewn about. And there was music! Celtic/Irish music, live band, with a bass and pipe and guitar and a great singer.

I feel so peaceful here.

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