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March 2013



Gone Girl

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Okay, everyone’s read this right? No? Briefest of synopses: woman goes missing, leaving behind cleaned-up blood and a possibly-staged crime scene, and husband is the suspect. The first chunk of the book is told alternatingly from his perspective and then from her diary entries. The rest … I’ll leave for you to discover.

So here’s my take. It’s really good. I read it in about three days, and screwed up my sleep by staying up about two hours later than I should have because I go so into it. I was really able to picture this couple, both in happier times and during the years leading up to the woman’s disappearance. The author did a really great job in creating different voices, making the characters stand out. It wasn’t quite like two different authors wrote it, but it was enough to make me believe these two different people and their perspectives.

Complaints? Hmmm. There are some super unsatisfying moments where I wish things went a different direction, but I think that’s good for a book. If I go along assuming X will happen because that’s what I want to happen, that doesn’t make for a very interesting read. Pleasant and mindless, sure, but not interesting. And I like interesting.

I borrowed this from the library and might re-read it again in a year. I have a feeling that, like The Sixth Sense, it will be kind of fun to go back and reread parts knowing how it ends.


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