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July 2016



Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

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Five Stars

I couldn’t be happier to hit my cannonball with this book. Well, play/book. I am Harry Potter’s age. The character was born in the same year I was, and even though I was not the target audience of the books (I didn’t start reading them until I was in college), I adore them. I love the world Ms. Rowling has created, and I was so excited to read this latest story in that world.

When the sixth book came out, I went to a book release party, picked up my copy at midnight, and promptly stayed up until 4AM reading most of it. I’m older now, and so waited until this morning to get my (pre-ordered, because of course) copy. Three hours later, I’m done, and still a bit mystified at how she was able to create another story that makes sense, fits so neatly with what we know, and allows us to step back into Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic, and parts beyond.

I don’t want to provide any sort of synopsis or spoilers. Just know that the epilogue of the final book still holds as we start this story. The first few acts move through time rather briskly, and then things … happen. I was a little unsure in the very beginning, as we were getting to know some new characters, and I wasn’t certain that a script would help us get to know these characters well enough to care as much as we care for the ones we saw grow up, but I shouldn’t have worried. Obviously. Ms. Rowling knows what she’s doing, as do the playwrights.

The feelings I had for the characters before – they are still there. I haven’t connected with this world in a few years, but man, it all came flooding back, and I was right there, refusing to put this down even as I heated up an afternoon snack, snapping (kindly, of course) at my husband as he attempted to engage me in conversation. I’m reading the new Harry Potter – unless someone is on fire, please leave me be.

If you can get your hands on a copy, go. And if you live in London and can see the play, please do so. And then report back to us.

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