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September 2010



Hot Cartridge. Hot Cartridge!

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The past few days here have been loads of fun. On Saturday I went to the Huskies game with my roommate, my friend and her mom. Oh man, they stunk up the place, but it was fun to be at a live game. Plus, good weather! Then we headed out to get some fantastic poutine. Mmmm. Poutine.

Sunday was international talk like a pirate day, so of course we celebrated by drinking at a pirate-themed bar. As you do. I also made some progress on my latest project. In an attempt to stay sane while unemployed I’m archiving all my digital photos. As in, printing them and putting them into labeled albums. All my printed photos from 2003 through now were printed and when delivered weighed in at 28 pounds. That’s a lot of sorting and labeling, It’s a bit of work, but I’m enjoying being reminded about the trips I’ve taken and the good times I’ve had.

Yesterday my roommate took me shooting! I’ve never shot a gun before, but I’d been interested in trying it. He was a great teacher, and we ended up shooting three different guns. I found I was not horrible at it. Not great, but I managed to hit the middle circle on the target much of the time. The only off moment was when one of the spent cartridges ended up burning me a bit in a place it really shouldn’t have managed to get to.

Today we managed to eat our way through the Puyallup Fair. Seriously. Between the three of us we consumed more food than any people should. We also watched “Mutton Bustin'”, which may be the most bizarre sanctioned child abuse. Kids – 6 years old and under – are put on sheep and lay on them, holding onto the wool rodeo-style, with the goal of holding on for at least six seconds while the sheep runs around a muddy ring. The kids are wearing helmets and padding on their chests, but it is, in a word, odd. But it seemed an appropriate way to celebrate the last day of one of the best summers I can remember.

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