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August 2020



How to Machine Sew by Susie Johns

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Five Stars

Best for:
People who have never used a sewing machine.

In a nutshell:
Author Johns provide an extremely basic overview of how to use a sewing machine, and then follows it up with projects to practice on.

Worth quoting:

Why I chose it:
After the last book, I did a bit more research before clicking purchase. This one looked to actually explain how to use a sewing machine.

It’s exciting when a book meets one’s needs and desires exactly, and this is one such book for me. As I mentioned in my last review, I’m interested in learning how to machine sew, but am 100% baffled by my new (very very basic) sewing machine. And yes, I am sure there are videos to watch that will help me understand what I’ve read, I have always learned best by reading about something before I watch a video. I need context, and to take things in myself.

This book starts out explaining the parts of the machine, but also showing how it works – there are easy to follow diagrams. It also includes additional tools to have (shears, pins, etc.). And then it gets right into the projects! Each one is meant to help develop techniques – the first is literally just practicing different stitches on a fabric square that I’ll turn into a pot holder. Each project includes the exact materials needed, starts with the technique I’ll be learning, then includes step by step instructions. They aren’t the most dramatic of projects (pot holder, place settings, drawstring bag), but they are all things I could use in the house.

I’m genuinely excited to try these things out, and so happy I found this book.

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