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October 2019



How to Resist by Matthew Bolton

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Four Stars

Best for:
Anyone looking for some practical advice to help make meaningful policy change.

In a nutshell:
One of the Living Wage Campaigners and the Executive director of Citizens UK offers tips on building targeted social movements based on the success – and failure – he has experienced as a community organizer.

Worth quoting:
“Be intentional about what kind of change it’s worth our while putting your time into: what’s achievable, and how you could influence those decisions.”

Why I chose it:
A work colleague had some extra copies from what she’d ordered for an event.

I love a good, practical book. Especially when it’s a book that can help bring about change.

Author Matthew Bolton knows about making change. He’s helped organize successful campaigns to get companies — and Parliament — to adopt the Living Wage so people can actually survive by working just one job (imagine that!). He recognizes that there are many things we as citizens may want to change, but he is also pragmatic. A big protest is a great show of force, but to make change you have to be intentional and pick very specific actions that you want your elected officials or company leaders to make. It’s not enough to protest about, say, global warming (though that kind of disruption obviously has its place); to be effective it helps to have specific policy proposals as well as a collection of individuals who we can call upon to lend their support.

This is an easy read, with case studies illustrating how the suggestions play out in practice. It includes step-by-step processes, and tips for making sure you take care of yourself along the way. It’s a small book and only 150 pages, so its accessible. I look forward to putting what I’ve learned into action.

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