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February 2010



Huh. So it is actually possible. Not likely. But possible.

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“Uh, I walked into a door.”

That’s the excuse some people give when they have a black eye, or a huge welt on their face. And I think, for the most part, we don’t believe it. Who walks into a door? And if someone somehow does walk into a door, how would it give the victim those injuries?

Well, I am here to say it IS possible, and it DOES result in such injuries.

Last night I was running out of my apartment. I’d turned off all the lights, and then realized I’d forgotten my key card. So I left my bedroom and went into the hall to get to the main room. The hall is also where the door to the bathroom is. Which I had left wide open. And in the pitch blackness of my apartment at night, I took one step into the hall and immediately walked full force into the 1.5 inch-wide side of the door. My face immediately stopped my forward motion.

And so as I type this, I have a lovely welt on my forehead just above my eye. If my head had been at a different angle, I would have ended up with a black eye, or perhaps a broken nose. 

So the moral of this story? Keep the doors closed and the lights on.


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