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May 2014



I Don’t Know What You Know Me From

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2 Stars


I’ve been in the middle of a few books for the past month – the fifth book in A Song of Ice and Fire (it is over 1,000 pages and I’m only 100 pages in), The Great Influenza (only halfway through), and a new YA steampunk book. But I just couldn’t get into any of them. So I decided to find a quick, fun read to kick-start my summer reading and this one did the trick.

Now, I actually do know what I know Judy Greer from. She’s the voice of one of the best characters on Archer (Cheryl / Cherlene), she was the frenemy in 13 Going on 30, and of course Mr. Bluth’s assistance in Arrested Development. Oooh! And she was in 27 Dresses. Actually she’s been in over 40 movies, so you’ve probably seen her in something. But I can definitely see how she might be the most obvious actress version of the “Hey, It’s THAT Guy!” feature.

The book itself is fine. It’s a very quick read, it’s mostly entertaining, and it offers a little insight into this actress, although not much insight into being an actress in general. I think the title gives the impression that the book will be more of an entertainment behind-the-scenes, when in reality it is more of a thin memoir of a woman who happens to be an actress. The stories are mostly interesting, but I do think that the book feels a little … well a little like something a brand new writer would write. Most of the chapters read like they started with an anecdote she wanted to tell, but wasn’t quite able to fill in enough details to really build it out. But it was fun, I enjoyed it, and I don’t feel like it was a wasted couple of hours.

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