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August 2008



I Feel Kind of Naive

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This is really only the third presidential election I can vividly picture. I somewhat remember 1996, but I think that consists mostly of me sitting on the couch in Danville watching the states change color.

In 2000, Renee came over (with some fabulous seven layer dip, I believe) and we watched the east coast returns come in. That was the best part – being able to watch what was going on across the country. Of course, we didn’t have a President for awhile. I wasn’t a huge Gore fan (I voted for Bradley in the primary), but, well, y’know.

2004 was shocking to me. I really thought Kerry was going to win. I was a bit more tuned in then – I even got to go to the DNC, which was awesome. It was fun to go to the convention, sit with the New York delegation, and wander around to parties and discussions.

Now it’s 2008. I was somewhat surprised Clinton didn’t get the nomination – I voted for Obama, but still, I kind of thought that was a forgone conclusion. I should have known that people would be more willing to vote for a man than a woman. 

I watched the convention last night, and I really enjoyed Michelle’s speech. I actually found it, well, a bit inspiring. And then – the media weighed in. They’ve been focusing on Clinton, and trying to find a story in the fact that some of her supporters are a bit near-sighted. The “I feel naive” part comes in here. I’d just love for there to be serious analysis of the issues and not the personalities. I’m seeing ‘liberal’ journalists talking about McCain like he’s been some bastion of consistency, when in reality he’s changed his positions many times. I see them focusing on Clinton losing without spending any real time on the misogynistic undertones of the media coverage. And I don’t see real coverage of the actual issues. It’s driving me nutty. 

I read The Times Magazine article about Obama’s economic philosophy and it was really quite interesting. If you haven’t, check it out.

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