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June 2012



Kind Folks

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This morning Austin and I went for a run. About three miles in (with a mile
to go), I tripped. Now I average about one stumble every three or four
months; I run on sidewalks and the ones in my neighborhood are in disrepair.
But this time I ate it hard. Thankfully my hands were fine, as was my right
knee. But oh man, my left knee. Not broken or anything like that, but
really, really ugly. Austin asked if he should run home and get the car;
like an idiot I initially said nah, I can finish the run. Ha!

I got up with some help, and it was not a good look. Austin waved down a
parks department employee to get some tissue, and I attempted to clean
myself up while Austin ran home (literally) to get the car. I slowly limped
towards home at the same time, and two different times women pulled over in
their cars to make sure I was okay and didn’t need any help. I thought that
was extremely kind – one even said “I’ve had that happen before and wanted
to make sure you were okay.” Ah, shared embarrassment. Always good for
bringing people together.

Then right as Austin pulled up another woman, this time out walking,
approached me to see if I was okay. I said I was fine and then she said she
was a nurse at the nearby hospital. She gave me a couple of tips on cleaning
the wound, then pulled some alcohol pads out of her backpack. So nice and
helpful! Especially as I had just been thinking about how we don’t have any
alcohol in the house to clean this out.

My knee is sore and is going to look nasty for a while, but I feel good
knowing that some of my fellow Capitol Hillers are so kind.

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