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January 2023



Lagom by Linnea Dunne

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Four Stars

Best for:
People who liked all those hygge books that came out a few years back. Suckers for tactile, pretty books.

In a nutshell:
Author Dunne offers tips based in her Swedish upbringing, which she says was heavily influenced by lagom.

Worth quoting:
“There is no bad weather, only bad clothes.” (Allegedly an old Swedish saying?)

Why I chose it:
I mean, the size? The cover? Fun little tips for life? Sign me up.

What it left me feeling:
A bit inspired

This book is not going to change my life. It’s a fun little book, filled with tips based on the idea of balance that the author says is a key part of why folks in Sweden consistently rate as some of the happiest in the world.

Dunne applies this concept to seven aspects of life: work, food, design, health, friends, environment, and ‘life.’ In each of the chapters she shares tips, refers to some aspects of Swedish culture (such as fika, which is sort of like elevenses, but not?). The main concept here is that there is a balance and moderation to life, but not in a deprivational way. More in a ‘think before you speak, but say what you mean’ sort of way, if that makes sense.

I am a total sucker for books like this. They’re fun, they’re cute, they’re easy to read. But I’d also love to hear from folks from Sweden – is this a thing? Is this bullshit? Is this just published to make money off of people like me?

If so … well done!

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