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October 2008



Live Musings – Presidential Debate #3 (30 minutes anyway)

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I tried to resist. I failed. Bob, please bring it home.

9:02 PM – Obama – red tie. McCain – Blue tie. Way to mix it up boys! Rachel Maddow thinks McCain won the tie contest.

9:03 PM – McCain, for the second time, starts his debate with bad news about an elderly person being ill. Seriously, he fulfills old man stereotypes. I don’t know about you, but one of my grandmother’s favorite things was telling us about her friends who were sick. I associate that need to share bad tiding with old and cranky. Point? Obama.

9:06 PM – Obama has a bit of a chill tone. AND – first reference to the middle class. Side note – he’s looking right at me. Hi Obama! Sorry I’m not wearing your shirt – but it’s going to walk away on it’s own accord if I don’t wash it soon.

9:07 PM – McCain got a posture lecture, methinks. He looks like he has a stick up his rear, quite literally.

9:08 PM – Wait, is McCain telling a story from Obama’s campaign rally? Smooth! Very smooth. Point? McCain. He’s finally attempting to connect with people. (arg . . . )

9:09 PM – First chuckle goes to Obama. Hee.

9:10 PM – God, I love the fact that if you make less than $250,000, under Obama’s plan, your capital gains taxes don’t go up. My mother did not like the idea of capital gains increases.

9:11 PM – Oooh, Obama is not going to stand for this. He looks kind of annoyed – like “Really, McCain? Really?”

Rachel Maddow cracks my stuff up. Comment from her live blog – Obama “wants to personally take Joe the plumber’s money away?! Like in an alley or something?” Ha. Ha Ha.

9:14 PM – I like that Obama explained that $750 billion could theoretically come back to us taxpayers if it’s managed well. Under him.

Side note – can you hear McCain sighing over to the side there? Is this going to be like the Gore sighing from 2000?

9:15 PM – Obama is making sense to the rational person . . . but in reality, let’s think about it. It is REALLY hard to make the kind of cuts he’s suggesting. Hmm.

9:17 PM – Oh, McCain got a bit of a slap from Bob also. Obama is looking at McCain. Love it. AND McCain brings up  the spending freeze. Yeesh. A hatchet FOLLOWED by a scalpel? Hmm. And he said “We’ve presided.” I hope Obama jumps on that and point out that “we” indeed – we=McCain and Bush.

9:18 PM – Obama, please talk about how an overhead projector is actually a GOOD thing. I like education. I think it’s a good thing. Also, isn’t this like the EXACT SAME discuss we had last time? I may need to switch to project runway now.

9:20 PM – McCain – nice one. “I am not President Bush.” Although, frankly, you have to act that way, not just say it.

9:21 PM – I’ve switched to CNN. Interesting – women are usually more positive overall. But when McCain talks, women actually drop BELOW the neutral line. They don’t so much seem to agree with McCain, but McCain is definitely doing better on some things.

9:23 PM – Ha. Obama mentions that Fox news even agrees with him. Obama keeps things so calm. He did, I think, a great job in pointing out how McCain has differed AND how he is the same. 

9:24 PM – I love this part of the debate, where Obama says that he’s kind of conservative! And McCain says he’s kind of liberal.

9:25 PM – OOH! Bob went there. Sweet!

9:26 PM – Are you FREAKING KIDDING ME! McCain is blaming OBAMA for the tone because Obama did not want to do town hall meetings? Oh that is so ABSURD.

9:27 PM – OH YOU HAVE GOT TO BE FREAKING KIDDING ME. I’m waiting for Obama’s response and then I am turning the channel. McCain is acting in such an evil way. It’s ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous.

9:29 PM – Go Obama! Interesting – CNN – men are neutral, women are positive on what Obama is saying. 

9:30 PM – And I’m out. I tried folks. I tried.

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