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May 2023



Me vs Brain by Hayley Morris

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Four Stars

Best for:
People who find their brain — and their heart, lungs, possibly uterus — talking to them.

In a nutshell:
Tik Tok comedian Hayley Morris shares how she’s dealt with intrusive thoughts and other life challenges with her signature wit.

Worth quoting:
So much made me giggle, but this was an audio book so I didn’t end up writing any down.

Why I chose it:
I follow her on Tik Tok and her shit is hilarious.

What it left me feeling:
Warm and fuzzy

What a delightful book. I’d heard Morris was releasing one, but forgot until I saw it in a bookshop. But then I quickly checked if there was an audio version read by her, as knowing what her Tik Tok style is, I knew that would be the way to go. And boy was I right.

Each chapter of the book involves some part of Morris vs either another part of her (e.g. me vs brain) or vs something in the world (such as dating). She does the voices of each, and it’s so, so funny. But also wise. And relateable. While I haven’t experienced all the things she has, I can very much relate to things like intrusive thoughts and feeling internal conflict. She is able to make jokes about serious things in way that I found both charming and deeply honest.

As I said, I think it’s really key to get the audio version (or both, if you want to be really supportive) because the voices and the humor really come through with Morris’s delivery.

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