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July 2015



More Social Justice Please

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Someone posted on Facebook that she was annoyed at all the people who were expressing anger about Cecil the Lion but who haven’t commented about all the people of different religions who get killed every day. I’m not entirely sure what she was referencing specifically, but I’ve also seen her post similar things when people express sadness or outrage about something but hasn’t posted outrage about military deaths. I get it, to a degree. But I also understand that sometimes, people don’t want to use Facebook to state their values. They want to share funny cat pictures, or vacation pictures. And occasionally, they will post an article about a current event that they think everyone will agree is awful. I get it.

I’ve at times been doing that. I’ll post my weekly round-ups, and occasionally something feminist-y, but that’s USUALLY about it. But you know what, fuck it. I’m more interested in speaking up, and making sure my friends ARE clear about where I stand on important things. So I’m making a goal to post at least three social justice articles on Facebook each week. I don’t want my friends to be even a little confused about where I stand on things.

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