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December 2014



My 2014

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This year was kind of weird. Personally and professionally it was pretty fantastic, but the world around seemed to be going further and further down this depressing hole (see: each of my “What I’m Reading” posts). But within all of those horrible events I saw some amazing people doing amazing things, fighting for their rights and demanding that those who have chosen to look away for so long pay attention.

This year I:
• Traveled to Santa Barbara (twice), Portland, Tampa, Atlanta (work), Philadelphia (work), Alaska, Hawaii, New Orleans, Vancouver (work), Denver (work) and the Bay Area.
• Presented at four national conferences, including one in Canada.
• Was part of a team that helped prepare our county to respond to Ebola, while still managing to do all of our regular work.
• With the help of Austin (obviously) kept our kittens alive for another year. They continue to be adorable, snuggly little jerks.
• Got my act together exercise wise, and managed to end the year down a pants size or two.
• Read and reviewed 58 books for Cannonball Read. I’m hoping to do the double Cannonball in 2015.
• Paid off our student loans (again, Austin was a big factor in this one)
• With the help of many of you, conducted interviews, did research, and wrote the first draft of “How Not to be an Asshole When Your Friends Have Kids.”
• Almost made it all the way through Veronica Mars (just a few episodes left). Thanks to Austin for finally getting me to watch it – it’s SO GOOD.

Next year we’re going to Portland, to London and Paris to see friends, to Canada for the women’s World Cup, and (hopefully) to Napa to help friends celebrate their birthdays. I plan to make more headway with my book, Austin and I will dive back into learning French and Spanish, and the kittens will somehow learn to vacuum their own hair and clean their own litter box.

I know that friends and family faced challenges, sadness and even tragedy in 2014; some can’t wait to kick this year to curb. However 2014 treated you, I hope that 2015 is your best year yet.

Cheers and see you on the other side.

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