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May 2009



Oh Holy Crap

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These are the kind of decisions that I am lucky to have to make, but man, I’m kind of freaking out a little right now.

After I got back from my trip to London this winter, I decided I would apply to graduate school in the UK. I did it as a bit of a fluke, but also becaue I really like the UK, I’ve never lived outside the US, and I’d love to get another Master’s degree.

Well, I got in! To both programs to which I applied.

1. Queen’s University Belfast – Master of Arts in Violence, Terrorism and Security

I found out about this one last week. It’s about 24,000 pounds all together, or about $36,000 (I may be rounding poorly, but that’s a good estimate). It would allow me to really focus on the Northern Ireland issues that interest me so much, and possibly lead me to a more academic career, or one focused on security back in the States.

2. London School of Economics – Master of Science in Philosophy and Public Policy

I found out about this one this morning. Oh man. It’s about 34,000 pounds, or about $50,000. Of which I have . . . not a lot. I don’t think I could really afford it, but at the same time it’s probably a better option for me in terms of career opportunities. I also have really good friends in London.

Ack! I don’t know what to do. I don’t have to decide today, but I do need to decide pretty darn quickly.


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