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October 2014



On My Own (for like three days)

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For the first time since we moved in together three years ago, the Mister is out of town and I am not joining him. I’m very happy for him to have a chance to go to a work event where I’m sure he’ll have a lot of fun.

But I’m more happy for me, because I get the kittens ALL TO MYSELF! Seriously, it’s amazing. Tigger has already crawled into my lap for snuggles. I’ve just ordered a movie on Amazon (a comedy about abortion, which should have just been called ‘Hey, Ashley, You’ll Like This One’), and will soon be enjoying the worst pizza in the country. Only downside is I’ve got some work to do tonight as well.

But that’s okay. Because, as I said before, I get the kittens ALL TO MYSELF.

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