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March 2010



One essay left. Term is over!

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This week has been crazy. I’ve finished up two 2,000-word essays, organized my study and thesis-writing schedule, and managed to find time to attend two end-of-term parties AND see Kathleen when she surprisingly came through town on her way to a conference. Such an awesome treat!

But now I am sick. And that’s actually okay – yeah, I still have a 1,500-word essay to work on, and there is a big party tomorrow night I hope to attend, but I am not in the middle of training for a race, I do not have a pile of readings to get through, and I’m not about to board a plane or train to travel somewhere. I can sit, watch movies on my computer, drink a lot of juice and just get better without stressing out. I am lucky.

I also got my exam schedule, and it’s not horrible – two in one week, one the next – and is neither right at the beginning none right at the end of the exam period.

Also, the Huskies won last night with less than two seconds left. GO DAWGS!

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