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August 2008




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Does everyone already know about Buckminster Fuller? Am I a few decades behind the curve? Oh well. I mentioned to Justin that I enjoyed the exhibit I saw at MOMA a couple of weeks ago of manufactured homes. He suggested I’d probably like the Fuller exhibit at the Whitney. He’d mentioned his stuff before, and it sounded cool, but I didn’t really do much with the info. 

On Sunday, I checked out the exhibit. Um, yeah. I spent about an hour there, and I was floored. It was really cool. And I wanted to know more about everything I was seeing. Usually when I see art or such things with which I am unfamiliar, I kind of look at it, appreciate what I understand, and move on. But this? It was more. It was inspiring, but I couldn’t really figure out in what way. I’m still not totally sure. But I signed up for a membership at the Whitney so I could go back a few more times, and bought a book on Fuller. I’ve read about 100 pages in the past day, and I’m totally sucked in. It’s really interesting to read about him and his work and the impact he made. And I keep just wanting to learn more. 

But, moreover, I just want to talk about these new ideas with people. Not that college, or even graduate school, provided the dialogue and interesting discussions I was hoping to get out of higher education, but I’d love to have the idealized version of that. You know, hang out in a cafe and talk about things I know very little about to try to explore these different ideas. I know I could talk about it all with Justin, but the poor guy probably doesn’t want to spend his evenings explaining concepts like getting four triangles out of one drawn on the ground.

Now that I have a day job and spend my evenings with good friends (and the occasional guitar or ballet lesson), I want to figure out how to incorporate these things into my life. I love the fact that I’ve found success in my career and my friendships. I sometimes can’t believe that I can afford to live on my own in NYC without resorting to eating top ramen every night. But there’s more to think about than just the shelter/food aspect of things. I want to challenge my mind more.

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