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August 2009



Pay Pal Just Impressed Me

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So as you can read last night I was frustrated beyond frustration. I probably shouldn’t make financial calls at 10:30 at night.

This morning I called Pay Pal. It turns out that my old account was still open and a company called Nexus Europe Limited ( charged my Pay Pal account over $50 two Mondays ago. Now, that particular Monday I was tooling around Manhattan, and I’ve never heard of Nexus Europe Limited, so yes that was not a real charge. 

Pay Pal saw that I hadn’t used my account in years and so refused to pay Nexus but the transaction to pull the funds from my Citibank account had already gone through. An old e-mail address was attached to that account, so their notification went there and not to the one I currently use.

Wade from Pay Pal was so nice and explaind that the money was still in my Pay Pal account, so we just closed it which meant the money would go straight back into my bank account.

I am impressed. It took maybe 10 minutes with Pay Pal to get it straightened out. I am especially impressed at how quickly they react to possible fraud. If I’d had my current e-mail address associated with the old account I would have know about this two weeks ago.

Now I know that even if I don’t know the ultimate vendor (in this case Nexus Europe Limited), I should see if I can find the contact information for whatever company shows up on the bank statement and call them first if there’s just one suspicious charge on my debit card.

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