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November 2009



Remember, Remember, the . . . let’s set off fireworks!

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I’ve now experienced my first Guy Fawkes day. If you saw V for Vendetta, you’re familiar with the story. He tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament, but was foiled, and the British celebrate that. Thursday was the official day (November 5), and a few of us went in search of fireworks … and failed.

Saturday night was MUCH more successful. A few of us went over to Victoria park, where they had a really amazing show put together. All songs during the fireworks had a fire theme (it’s known as bonfire night), like “Light my Fire” and “Fever.” They had flames shooting up from the set-up, and a really great finale. Better (on a different scale) than the NYC fourth of July fireworks in my estimation.

I rounded out the evening with a friend’s house party over in Covent Garden.

Oooh! And I checked out the London Transport museum. It’s very cool.

My first guest arrives tomorrow morning – Allegra is coming in for a couple of days, and then we’re heading off to Barcelona. I can’t wait to see the Gaudi church. So excited.

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