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November 2008




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Okay, so finally. What two of you have been waiting for. The reunion debrief.

I met up with Jen and Kelly (and their respective husbands) at Melissa’s house. It was really sweet – her parents opened up their home to a few of us for some pre-reunion drinking. Good times. But it did get awkward pretty quickly – a couple of other who Jen, Kelly and I didn’t really know well (but are friends of Melissa) showed up, and it was a little tense when Jen accidentally called one by the wrong name. Um, so that’s a good tone. Getting annoyed that someone doesn’t know your name ten years after they last thought of you? Yeah, dial it down ladies.

We made it out to the reunion and there was definitely a moment of panic when I walked into the (way too well-lit) room. It was just – ugh. Lots of people I hadn’t seen or thought of in a decade, plus, thankfully, a smattering of people I really, really wanted to see.

It seemed that almost everyone I talked to was doing well. People were nice, friendly, and didn’t seem to be trying hard.

And I say almost – because DAMN. There were two women there who were dressed SO hilariously inappropriately. Like, clothing that would make one say ‘oh ew’ at a club. I’m not going to lie and say I don’t ever judge people, but I do understand that people have different styles and that’s cool – much more interesting than if we all wore clothes from the Gap – but these outfits were just hilarious. And totally perfect for the girl who hasn’t grown up since high school.

There were definitely a few memorable moments. Coming out of a stall in the bathroom to find a group of girls taking swigs from a flask, being asked to join them, and doing it. Introducing myself to someone I apparently knew in high school (oops!). Being one of just three people living it up on the dance floor.

I’m really glad I went – I reconnected with a couple of people I had definitely missed over the years, and saw some people I’d wondered about (and no longer have to wonder about because, y’know, eh). If there’s a 20-year I’ll probably go.

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