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March 2015



Revisiting Europe

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This is going to be quick. We decided last fall to do another visit to London and Paris in the spring. I wantedto see my friends, and we both loved Paris when we were last there. We’re now in Paris, having spent four nights in London. One thing that was a reminder for me is that trips to London aren’t really vacations for either of us. For me, they are reunions, full of wanting to see my friends as much as possible. For Austin, it’s a lot of going where I want to do. He likes my friends a lot, but it is more socializing than either of us usually do, and in a condensed time.

Which is why we go to London first. We see friends, get ourselves exhausted, and then can relax on the next leg of our trip. We took the train down this morning, and were greeting by a hail storm. It was actually kind of cool. Our hotel here is LOVELY. Hotel Banke. Check it out. Don’t know what deal we got online, considering how expensive the drinks in the bar are. But the room (we’re on the top floor!) is sweet – not as small as I expected, and with a gorgeous view. After freshening up we decided to seize the sun that had burst from the giant rainclouds and went on a 5 and a quarter mile tour of the city in about three hours. 

Based on a recommendation from the front desk, we had a very French meal – at a large restaurant that has been open for almost 150 years. They were very kind (they had menus in English as well as French), and my steak and frites was delicious.

The only real downside right now is that I have a cold. It’s not nearly as bad as some other colds, but it’s not fun, and I’d rather just be able to keep going without having to stop to take medicine, or blow my nose, or rest. But considering I’m in Paris with the best man I know, I’m still pretty lucky. 

Oh, and I’ve already had macarons. So yeah, this trip is awesome.

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