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September 2006



Ring of Kerry

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We got up early this morning for jaunting cars – large hansom cabs, basically. Our horse was so cute, and our driver was extremely nice, and gave us a great tour of Killkenney National Park. 28,000 acres, three lakes. We saw a castle, swans, one of the lakes. We saw deer right by the side of the road, and black Kerry cows. The weather was perfect – crisp and sunny. I can just imagine getting up every morning and going for a stroll through the national park. It’s open 24/7, and apparently quite safe.

I’m having a blast – just the time of my life. I’m so happy to see all of these amazing sites. I feel so at home in the middle of this nature – the rocks, the trees, the animals.

We drove along the Ring of Kerry, stopping at Molly’s Gap. The area reminded me a bit of the tops of the mountains at Lake Tahoe.

We visited the Blarney Castle and grounds today. It’s quite old, and I did indeed kiss the Blarney stone. We walked the grounds a bit, bought some bread and fruit and ate lunch in the park.

I wasn’t as big of a fan of Cork City. It has a good feel to it, but not super interesting. However, in general I love the look of the country. Even the fonts on the building signs are beautiful – old and careful and interesting. The buildings have color and character different from what I’m used to. Similar to NYC, but more vibrant.

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